Top 8 Adventure Tours for Women this 201517 Feb 2015

Top 8 Adventure Tours for Women this 2015

We just started year 2015 but I’m pretty sure you’re already planning a special getaway with your closest girlfriends. Traveling with your family, significant other, and children may be fun but admit it, you sometimes want to take a break and just enjoy some time all by yourself.

What better way to spend time off than with your most trusted friends on a quick girlfriend getaway or on an adventure tour especially planned for women.

Adventure tours for women mean men, parents, and kids are off-limits. For a few days or a couple of weeks, travel somewhere far you haven’t explored and where culture is different and interesting. You and your friends will definitely have a blast remembering the good old days when you go on a special getaway together.

We’ve listed some of the top adventures for women you and your friends should try this 2015:

The Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica is one of Gateway Destinations’ many custom women-only tours. We’ve partnered with Kim Bowen, founder of Prosper Wellness. Kim is a yoga instructor and a Stress Reduction Specialist, inspirational speaker, and founder of a local yoga based wellness company in Arizona.


2.) PERU
Our Peru In All Its Splendor women-only tour will be a 9-day journey that lets you discover art, beauty, and food in this South American country. It’s a trip worth taking as it is filled with many adventures. It’s not only fun, it’s also educational.


Paris has always been the top travel destination for couples but the City of LoverDs is also a favorite of women going on tours with their girlfriends. Paris in August can be fun but going to the city anytime of the year is quite lovely especially when you’re travelling with the people you love.


Discover the heart of Italy and explore the hidden regions of the region. Taste the world-renowned Chianti and Brunello wines and enjoy the regional authentic cuisines as part of the special tour.


Gateway Destinations can plan your Alsatian journey, which will start in the picturesque and lively town of Strasbourg. This place is known as a World Heritage Site and can be found at the France-Germany border. As you begin the Alsatian Wine Tour, you’ll venture into the countryside and follow the wine route up to the beautiful and historic villages like the must-see Colmar.


Gateway Destinations’ 11-day exclusive adventure through South Africa will include the “big five” and wildlife at the Kruger National Park. After each day of a fun trip, you will retreat to a luxurious lodge reserved only for you.


Gateway Destinations can plan a custom women-only tour for you. This inviting countryside is one awesome travel destination that will make you appreciate southern France more. It’s a rich area displaying the abundant beauty of nature and its people.


Travel with your girlfriends to India. You will have a blast learning about the history of Delhi by visiting popular sights and participating in a unique culinary experience in a local Indian family home. Discover the beauty of Taj Mahal and take a photo while in front of it as souvenir. To cap off your day, maybe go on a thrilling elephant ride in Amber Fort.



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