5 Travel Tips to India02 Oct 2014

5 Travel Tips to India

One of the most popular destinations for women who want to travel in Asia is India. It’s one of the best places to visit because of its marvelous sights and very rich history. Our “India Unveiled” is a Women-only Tour that is highly recommended for ladies who want to bond with a friend, sister, daughter, or mother.

This customized India trip will last for 13 days. Almost two weeks of adventure in India to discover hidden treasures in the country. From a woman’s perspective, India will be discovered and explored with peace of mind.

Travel with your girlfriends to India.  You will have a blast learning about the history of Delhi by visiting popular sights and participating in a unique culinary experience in a local Indian family home. Discover the beauty of Taj Mahal and take a photo while in front of it as souvenir. To cap off your day, maybe go on a thrilling elephant ride in Amber Fort.

If you’ve decided to go an our India Unveiled Women-only Tour, here are some tips you need to remember:

Just like every trip, you need to plan this trip to India very well. Plan how you want the trip to turn out. Research on the tourist spots, activities, and prepare your itinerary. It is important that you read about India ahead of time. Check online for more tips and recommendations.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a good pair of walking shoes and sandals. There will be a lot of walking while in India. If possible, wear cotton underwear and clothes because it will be warm most of the time in the country. To blend in with the crowd, you can also buy the traditional Indian suit (salwar kameez). The outfit is best for the climate in India so you are guaranteed to be comfortable all day.

There will be a lot of locals and travelers visiting the top tourist destinations in India. Avoid the crowds and choose to go on quite places if possible.  After all, this should be a relaxing and memorable trip for you and your girlfriends.

Never drink tap water while in India or eat food that may have been washed in it. Don’t take ice or eat fruits and veggies you didn’t wash yourself. It is recommended that you eat at restaurants that are packed with locals and tourists.

Always bring a pack of tissues and hand sanitizer with you. Keep yourself clean and fresh all the time. If possible, also bring soap with you so you can wash your hands properly wherever and whenever you need.

You can still book at trip to India with your girlfriends. Our upcoming adventure in Delhi is this October 13 to 26, 2015. More details HERE.

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