7 Things to Remember Before Going on an African Safari03 Sep 2014

Going to South Africa on a women-only tour with your girlfriends is definitely something to look forward to. It can be one of the most exciting vacations you and your best friends will ever have.

When people hear you’re going on a South African Africa, they will immediately think of wild animals. Of course, those kinds of animals are the main attraction and a safari is all the more exciting. It is educational at the same time—giving you an unforgettable trip of a lifetime.

Gateway Destinations’ 11-day exclusive adventure through South Africa will include the “big five” and wildlife at the Kruger National Park. After each day of a fun trip, you will retreat to a luxurious lodge reserved only for you.

But how can one survive an African Safari adventure? This involves wild animals so it is important travelers like you know how to survive a safari.

1. Learn basic animal spotting etiquette.
Lower you expectations when entering parks and reserves. Expect that you might not see the big five on your trip as these animals can be elusive. Be patient when other passengers want to stay awhile at an area to spend some time looking for the animals.

2. Don’t get out of the vehicle.
Some areas may be safe but as much as possible, don’t get out of the vehicle especially without the knowledge of a tour guide.

3. Don’t pack a lot of things.
For obvious reasons, do not pack a lot of your stuff. There is no need to bring too many things during your trip. Some safari camps limit luggage weight.

4. Don’t talk loud or too much.
There will be plenty of time for talking with your girlfriends but during a safari ride is not one of them. People’s voices easily distract animals so make sure you keep quiet as much as possible.

5. Don’t be a know-it-all.
Seriously, don’t be. If you know a lot of trivia about an animal, don’t over share. If you’ve been on a safari before, don’t brag about your experience so as not to frustrate other passengers.

6. Turn phone to silent mode or mute the camera.
You are on a safari so don’t think about work. Don’t worry about receiving business calls. Turn phone to silent mode or mute your camera. The constant beeping will annoy the other passengers.

7. Don’t forget to tip your guides, drivers, and camp staff. Thank them for all their hard work.

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