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Gateway Destinations Introduces Spring and Summer Through European Festivities
Tucson, Arizona – March 27, 2013

Traveling to Europe in the spring and summer months is always exciting because tourists have the opportunity to experience varied cultures through celebrating and observing their traditional festivities. Travel Specialist, Gateway Destinations urges its clients to experience one of the many scheduled festivals this spring and summer 2013.Read More

Gateway Travel Specialist, Gateway Destinations, Reveals How to Protect Travelers Driving Abroad
Tucson, Arizona – March 21, 2013

Driving abroad can be fun yet sometimes stressful, and knowing important rules and regulations for each country can be difficult. Gateway Destinations prides itself on creating unforgettable dream vacations to Europe and beyond by preparing comprehensive travel documents before departure and educating clients on proper requirements. Travel Specialist, Jan Acorn, reveals how acquiring something as simple as an International Driving Permit, can assist in a worry-free journey.Read More

Gateway Destinations Promotes Protecting Your Vacation Investment By Purchasing Travel Insurance
Tucson, Arizona – February 25, 2013

Vacations can be a significant financial investment which is why Gateway Destinations informs clients about the benefits of travel insurance to protect their investment, especially when traveling to foreign destinations where personal medical insurance typically does not cover, and Medicare does not. “Remember the slogan – Don’t leave home without it? This is particularly true for vacations. I have seen too many instances where my clients experienced an unexpected event – a missed flight due to weather, illness or injury causing a trip to a local doctor, car accident before leaving home, and a broken bone or sprained ankle due to tripping to name a few – and it was a relief knowing that they had adequate protection to cover the expense and an easy way to handle the situation while traveling” states Jan Acorn, owner of Gateway Destinations.Read More

Gateway Destinations Reveals How Vacation Photo Albums Have Transformed Through Technology
Tucson, Arizona – January 31, 2013

Traditionally, vacation photo albums or scrapbooks are created after endless hours of compiling photos. The enjoyment of reflecting on the photos is often short-lived as albums are quickly forgotten once placed on a shelf. Physically sharing photos with friends and loved ones often proves difficult because of distance. The internet has dramatically transformed the ability to share savored memories with ease, and in a number of creative ways.
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Gateway Destinations Introduces Air Travel Tips for the Physically Disabled
Tucson, Arizona – January 30, 2013

Air travel can be stressful due to the large number of travelers and increased security, but it can be especially frustrating for passengers with physical disabilities. Gateway Destinations has compiled some information to help make flying smoother and more relaxing for travelers with special needs, disabilities, and health conditions.
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Gateway Destinations Empowers Women Through Launch of Chairwoman’s Circle
Tucson, Arizona – December 18, 2012

Jan Acorn, owner of Gateway Destinations, serves on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Tucson Chapter and has been a member for over five years. She is very excited to announce the creation of the the Chairwoman’s Circle, an elevated membership level of NAWBO. Read More

Gateway Destinations Is Excited to Present the Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica
Tucson, Arizona – November 29, 2012

Gateway Destinations teams up with Kim Bowens of Self-Centered Yoga & Fitness to present Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica.  The beaches of Tango Mar, Costa Rica supply guests with a tranquil location to rejuvenate the Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Travelers will spend several hours of their day with a private yoga instructor practicing meditation, mantra and traditional movements that help transform their inner Self.  Read More

Gateway Destinations Prepares To Discover The French Basque Region
Tucson, Arizona – November 26, 2012

Gateway Destinations is preparing for the upcoming travels that 2013 will bring!  Dates for the Pays Basque & French Pyrénées women-only tour have been finalized and owner, Jan Acorn, is looking forward to personally escorting a small group of ladies through this unique southwest region of France.  Read More

Jan Acorn of Gateway Destinations Earns the Luxury Travel Specialist Designation from The Travel Institute
Tucson, Arizona – October 31, 2012

Jan Acorn, CTA of Gateway Destinations, in Tucson recently earned the Luxury Travel Specialist designation from The Travel Institute.  Each of The Institute’s lifestyle programs covers the special aspects that make each of the Specialist designations unique, including special terminology, special travel considerations, and preferred destinations for a number of niche travel markets.  Read More

Jan Acorn of Gateway Destinations Earns the Languedoc-Roussillion Lifestyle Specialist Designation
Tucson, Arizona – October 30, 2012

Jan Acorn, CTA of Gateway Destinations, in Tucson recently earned the Languedoc-Roussillion Lifestyle Specialist (LS) designation from The Travel Institute.  Each of The Institute’s lifestyle programs covers the special aspects that make each of the Specialist designations unique, including special terminology, special travel considerations, and preferred destinations for a number of niche travel markets. Read More

Gateway Destinations Announces New Industry Certification
Tucson, Arizona – September 30, 2012

Travelers have a multitude of options when it comes to deciding how and where to purchase travel. A knowledgeable travel consultant can simplify this process. Although it is not a requirement, continued education is important for travel agents to maintain an edge, creating unique and one-of-a-kind travel experiences for their clients. Read More

Themed Vacations Reveal New Travel Ideas for Seasoned Travelers
Tucson, Arizona – September 26, 2012

Themed travel tours offer travelers a new way to relish their vacations and create deeper, lasting memories. Whether it is practicing yoga in India or learning to cook exquisite regional cuisine in Provence, Americans are now indulging their favorite hobbies or exploring new interests through highly specialized vacations. Read More

Gateway Destinations Offers Holiday Travel Tips
Tucson, Arizona – August 30, 2012

With the holiday season fast approaching, traveling can be stressful if you are not organized and plan ahead. Gateway Destinations is pleased to share a few travel tips that can help alleviate the stress and guarantee a smooth, enjoyable holiday vacation! Read More

Gateway Destinations Adds River Cruising to Their Women-Only Tour Options!
Tucson, Arizona – August 23, 2012

Gateway Destinations is excited to announce a new women-only cruisetour on the beautiful 150-passenger AmaLegro for its new Paris and Normandy initerary. This journey begins with a 7-nights’ cruise relishing the scenic countryside and exploring intriguing ports along the Seine River in the Normandy region. A grand finale to this adventure includes three days of “designed for women-only” activities in Paris, the magical “City of Lights.” Read More

Gateway Destinations Launches New Website
Tucson, Arizona – August 1, 2012

Gateway Destinations is delighted to announce the launch of their totally redesigned travel website. The website welcomes guests with a unique European feel, ease of use and travel related multi-media to engage visitors in exploring travel ideas. Read More

Luxury Train Travel, a Step Back in Time
Tucson, Arizona – July 12, 2012

Train travel is being revitalized with exciting new luxury train options by offering vacationers a unique and nostalgic way to travel. Elegant yet vintage decor draws passengers back to a pastime when locomotives were the main form of transportation. Read More

Gateway Destinations Presents A Cruise Vacation to Be Thankful For
Tucson, Arizona – June 29, 2012

Gateway Destinations, in partnership with award winning AmaWaterways, is excited to celebrate the end of the autumn river cruise season in Europe by offering HALF OFF an amazing Thanksgiving Cruise! Read More

Generational Families Take Flight Together
Tucson, Arizona – May 30, 2012

Multi-generational travel is a flourishing trend, announces Gateway Destinations. According to the U.S. Travel Industry Association, it has been estimated that at least 5 million family vacations a year in the United States span three generations. Read More

French Basque Country – Europe’s Gateway to the Route to Santiago
Tucson, Arizona – May 3, 2012

Gateway Destinations re-introduces a women-only guided tour to the Basque region of southwestern France. Visit the church where King Louis XIV of France married Maria-Teresa of Spain, a delicious chocolate museum and unusual seaside castle. Explore the inviting surrounding countryside, full of charming villages, sheep farms and hostels where pilgrims cluster along two pilgrimage route traversing the French Basque region. Read More

The World of Disney Explores Alaska
Tucson, Arizona – March 30, 2012

Canada and New England, Panama Canal and the Mexican Riviera as well. Tucson-based travel planner Gateway Destinations is pleased to announce Disney Cruise Line destination of Alaska! Read More

Relax…Gateway Destinations Makes Honeymoon Planning Easy
Tucson, Arizona – February 29, 2012

Gateway Destinations has expanded their services to now include Honeymoons! Planning a wedding can be hectic enough. Don’t let the honeymoon add to that stress. Gateway Destinations makes it easy for couples to design their dream honeymoon vacation. Read More

Culinary Custom Tour Introduced in the Cotswold Countryside of England
Tucson, Arizona – January 30, 2012

Gateway Destinations teams up with Chef Albert Hall of Tucson, Arizona to host a one-of-a-kind cooking adventure in the heart of the Cotswold region of the English countryside. This custom tour is one of several luxury vacations offered by Gateway as an intimate and enriching culinary experience showcasing Europe. Read More

Women-Only Travel Is On The Rise
Tucson, Arizona – December 31, 2011

Women-only travel is a growing trend within the travel industry, announces Gateway Destinations, with more and more destinations and types of travel being offered in the U.S. and worldwide – from short girlfriend getaways to extended journeys, and luxury to high adventure tours. Read More

Gateway Destinations Makes Bordeaux Wine Education Memorable
Tucson, Arizona – October 29, 2011

Gateway Destinations, in partnership with France Cruises, is excited to announce its Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise tour beginning May 24, 2012 in Bordeaux, France.  This 6- night barge cruise and 3-night land tour encapsulates wine education in its greatest form but immersing clients directly in the heart of this renowned wine region.  Read More

Gateway Destinations Introduces Custom Tours to Europe
Tucson, Arizona – September 22, 2011

Tucson-based Gateway Destinations introduces custom tours to Europe.  These specialty travel journeys offer leisure travelers a one-of-a-kind adventure designed to fit the specific interests and budget of each group.  Whether traveling solo, one couple or several traveling together, or family members spending quality time together, each itinerary is tailor-made to provide travelers with an exclusive vacation experience.  Read More

African Beauty & the Beasts Tucson, Arizona – August 31, 2011

Gateway Destinations, in partnership with African Sunrise Safaris, is pleased to announce an extraordinary journey though South Africa.  Guests will be accompanied  by a full-time tour director throughout this luxurious 11-day excursion filled with a bush country safari led by a licensed park guide, colorful history, rich culture, delicious wine-tasting and scenic sightseeing.  Read More

Peru In All Its Splendor Tucson, Arizona – August 11, 2011

Gateway Destinations is pleased to announce Peru In All Its Splendor, an exclusive women’s only luxury tour this November 2011.  Experience a 9-day cultural adventure that not only includes exploring Machu Picchu, but emphasizes the role that Peruvian women had on society prior to the Spanish Conquest through today.  Read More

Gateway Destinations to Host a Women’s Intimate Journey to Provence, France
Tucson, Arizona – July 30, 2011

Gateway Destinations’ owner, Jan Acorn, will host a 7-night women’s only tour through Provence that will immerse a small group of women in the beauty of this abundantly rich area of Southern France.  Read More

Women-only Retreat Brings Italian Cuisine Alive Tucson, Arizona – June 29, 2011

Jan Acorn, owner of Gateway Destinations, will host an 8-day Chianti Cooking and Tuscany Spa Retreat ending the week with a guided tour of beautiful Florence, Italy.  This women-only luxury tour emphasizes cooking local cuisine with the Tuscan Mammas of Tutti a Tavola cooking school and discovering the history, beauty and serenity of Tuscany.  Read More

Gateway Destinations to Host an Extraordinary Bordeaux Wine Cruise
Tucson, Arizona – June 14, 2011

Gateway Destinations, in partnership with France Cruises, is pleased to announce the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise this September 2011.  This 11-day package has been designed exclusively to highlight the wines of the Bordeaux region in Southern France.  Relax while enjoying a 6-day cruise on the Mirabelle Hotel Barge and spend 3-days exploring the beautiful Dordogne River valley.  Read More

Tuscany Cooking Comes to Tucson Tucson, Arizona – January 28, 2008

Chefs from the well-known cooking school of Tutti a Tavola from Tuscany, Italy will visit Tucson February 19 – 26. Known affectionately as the Tuscan Mamas, these four lady chefs will share their regional Italian cooking tips during four private in-home dinners in southern Arizona. Read More

Published Articles

Oh, Mama!

Published in Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Fashion Issue, September 2008

There’s nothing like Mama’s home cooking…especially if she happens to own a culinary school. Four clients from Tutti a Tavolaa well-known cooking school in Tuscany, Italyrecently shared their regional Italian cooking tips during four private in-home dinners in our city.  Read More

Less Is Better When It Comes To Packing
Published in Connections for Women, June 2008

Have you ever returned home and unpacked clothes you never wore during your vacation? Do you think all the strangers you met during your vacation cared that you were sporting a different outfit than the one you wore the day before? Ever had to pay the airlines for excess pounds in your suitcase (especially important now since the airlines are trying to gain very dollar they can), or re-arrange contents between two or more suitcases at the ticket counter? Read More

Trends in Women’s Travel
Published in Connections for Women, May 2008

With an increase in discretionary money available to them, an impressive number of women are traveling today for pleasure. This trend is expected to not only continue, but grow as more women enter the professional workforce and many female “baby boomers” retire with sizeable financial assets. Read More