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Forgot ID When You Arrive at the Airport? 13 Oct 2020

Few things are more stressful than arriving at the airport and realizing you left your ID at home.  If you are flying internationally, you will need your passport for sure.  If flying within the US, however, TSA is more lenient if you forget your normal government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.  Think about what other proof of identity you may have with you such as military ID, Global Entry card, Social Security card, student ID, work-related ID badge, etc.  Are you carrying travel documents (itinerary, confirmations) showing the same name as on your flight tickets?   Having an electronic copy of your passport or driver’s license may help as well.  The decision is ultimately up to the TSA officer being convinced you are the same person as on your tickets but it is worth pursuing – just ask my niece who successfully boarded and flew from Eugene to Reno!

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Are Airlines Really Eliminating Change Fees? 14 Sep 2020

As you know, Southwest Airlines has never charged dreaded change fees but all other domestic airlines have for quite some time.  This all changed in early September when United announced they are eliminating change fees for all domestic flights (except for Basic Economy tickets) AND to Mexico and the Caribbean.  Other large carriers – American, Delta, Alaska and Hawaiian Air have followed suit with some slight policy differences.  This coupled with low fares and greatly improved onboard cleanliness procedures makes for an ideal time to reserve your next vacation!

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Cancelled Flight or Want to Cancel – What are My Options? 15 Aug 2020

This is a confusing time for travel to say the least, as well as frustrating and disappointing if travel plans need to be cancelled or postponed.  And navigating what to do if airline tickets are involved adds to the confusion.  This article helps you understand your rights as a ticket holder and how each airline’s policy varies:  Major Domestic and International Airline Coronavirus Change and Cancellation Policies

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UPDATE…Where can I travel in the US this summer? 15 Jul 2020

High-density areas should be avoided for obvious reasons including airports, if possible.  What about a road or bicycle trip this summer, or mountain lodge stay?  Updated July 13th, this source for state-by-state guidelines may help you decide where to go: Travel & Leisure.  Or call us! We’re happy to help give you ideas and plan a trip closer to home.
Travel Safely!
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Gateway Destinations continues to closely monitor the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak worldwide. As always, your safety and well-being is my top priority. As the situation continues to evolve, I understand that you may have concerns about your current and future travel plans.

On March 11, President Trump banned foreign nationals from many European countries from entering the U.S. Additionally, U.S. citizens arriving from these countries must fly in to the U.S. through 13 airports for screening and possible quarantine.  

Here is the full Department of State notice with the countries impacted and further details.

 The U.S. Department of State also issued a Level 3 Global Health Advisory advising U.S. citizens to “Reconsider All Travel Abroad” for the present time. The full text of that statement can be found here. Both of these were followed by many short-term cancellations of cruise and land itineraries.

I know that the decision on your current and future travel plans is a very personal one, but I wanted to let you know that I am here to discuss any questions you may have and options that may be available to change or cancel your travels. If you are considering canceling, it is also important to contact your travel insurance provider to assess coverage. As you may have heard, most policies are not covering “Fear of Travel” due to Coronavirus.Additionally, I have been working closely with cruise lines, tour operators, hotels, and other travel service providers to promote your interests and many have changed their cancellation and or payment options to allow you more time to make your decision in this rapidly changing situation. It is important that you consider all factors when making such decisions, but your health and comfort level are paramount. Again, I am here to discuss and to help you ascertain all the options and factors you should be considering.  I encourage you to periodically check my Gateway Destinations Facebook page as well as I am updating it with information you may find helpful.

We all hope the situation stabilizes and resolves quickly, but while it is evolving it is important to refer to verified information sources. As recommended in my communication last month, please consult the following resources:

Thank you for trusting me as I planned your past travels.  I look forward to helping you navigate the current situation so we can hopefully plan extraordinary adventures worldwide again in the near future!

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