Top 9 Destinations for Girlfriend Getaways07 Aug 2014


To travel with your significant other, your kids, and the rest of your family may be fun and memorable but sometimes, a woman needs to go on a break and enjoy a stress-free vacation with girlfriends.

Such trips would mean no lovers, no kids, and no work. It’s just you and your friends on a special women-only tour. Remember the time when you were young during weekend sleepovers? You can still do that but in a more mature and stylish way.

Why not travel in somewhere far where culture is different? A new experience in a new place is best enjoyed with your BFFs.

We’ve listed some of our top recommendations for women-only tours you and your girlfriends will enjoy:

  1. SOUTH AFRICA (African Beauty & The Beasts)A trip to South Africa for 11 days will let you experience the luxurious safari lodge, learn the history and local culture, see the picturesque countryside, and appreciate Cape Town. Enjoy the beaches, the penguins, some wine tasting, and a lot of shopping.
  2. ALSACE, FRANCE (The Alsatian Wine Route)Any town in France is a nice place to visit but the Alsatian Wine Route is for those who enjoy a good wine. Wines are abundant in Alsace thanks to the influence of Germany extending to food and architecture. Your Alsatian travel will begin in Strasbourg and then onto the countryside following the wine route to the beautiful villages of Colmar.
  3. BELLE PROVENCE, FRANCE (France’s Southern Jewel)What is it about France that is so special? There are so many things to love about the country but if you want to enjoy sunny blue skies, perfumed air, and multi-colored fields, then go to Belle Provence. This is considered as France’s Southern Jewel for its rich history and inviting countryside. You and the other women in your life can immerse in the beauty of southern France beginning in the Luberon area of Provence.
  4. TUSCANY, ITALY (Chianti Cooking & Tuscany Spa Retreat)The Italians definitely know how to cook. How about learning a thing or two from real Italian chefs? The cooking and spa retreat will let you taste the world-famous Chianti and Brunello wines, learn how to cook authentic Italian cuisine, and travel deep into the Tuscany countryside.
  5. INDIA (India Unveiled)Enjoy a 13-day adventure in India. Travel to discover the 2,000 year history of Delhi, experience being in an Indian family home, participate in a one-of-a-kind culinary experience, and enjoy a fun elephant ride in Amber Fort. And of course, let’s not forget viewing the magnificent Taj Mahal.
  6. PARIS, FRANCE (Paris Couture & Country Chateaux)The mere mention of Paris brings about thoughts of the Eiffel Tower and what else—shopping! But Paris is more than these two. The Paris Couture & Country Chateaux trip will let you explore the Loire Valley, taste regional wines at a local vineyard, and see the mushrooms in limestone caves. You can even learn the secrets of French cooking. All these and more before shopping to your heart’s content in Paris.
  7. FRENCH BASQUE COUNTRY (The Pays Basque & French Pyrenees)Awake your senses in the Pays Basque and Pyrénées Mountains. Enjoy the salty air of the Atlantic, the lush mountain valleys, and the green forests. When you’ve explored the nature, you can gaze at the vibrant building facades and the festive clothing of the Basque people. Allow yourself to immerse in the charming secrets of southwestern France.
  8. PERU (Peru in All Its Splendor)Learn how the Peruvian women live. Explore the beauty of the Sacred Valley and learn about Peru’s colonial history by visiting a private colonial art collection. Visit a weaving project to learn more about the modern Peruvian women’s role in the society.
  9. COSTA RICA (Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica)If you’re a yoga fanatic, join an ultimate yoga bliss retreat in Costa Rica with your girlfriends or yoga classmates. A wellness-focused Costa Rican getaway will help you rediscover yourself, improve your mood and mind, as well as, release stress. It’s about time you relax and break away from all the work and business of your everyday life. You deserve it.

Every woman deserves to go on a vacation. It will be more special and unforgettable when you go on a special getaway especially designed for the women. For a memorable, customized women-only tour, contact Gateway Destinations.

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