Protect Your Cellphone & Data While Traveling15 Sep 2018

Cellphones can be very handy travel devices and become a major frustration if lost or stolen. These simple precautions can minimize your risk:
  • iPhones have a Find My iPhone setting so make sure it is activated (go to Settings and also turn on Send Last Location).  Androids have a Find My Device feature (go to Settings under Security & Location).
  • Consider purchasing insurance from your wireless carrier in case it is lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Save and display your contact information (first name, email address & alternate phone number) on your screen’s “wallpaper” so someone knows how to contact you if they find your phone.  For an iPhone, simply type your information in Notes, take a screenshot of it, then save it as your Wallpaper background.
  • Remember to contact your wireless carrier immediately if your phone is stolen.
  • If you don’t think you will retrieve your phone, you can even erase the data remotely.
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