Ever Stress Over Luggage When Traveling Abroad?15 Jun 2015

Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to deal with your luggage while traveling abroad?  Or had the unhappy experience of delayed or lost luggage by an airline?  You can certainly consider shipping your luggage to your destinations using shipping services like FedEx or DHL, but innovative companies such as Luggage Forward (and others) offer personalized shipping service from your home to your destination.  This service comes with a price but may offset the worry of it being delayed or lost, and the stress of handling your own luggage through train stations and in and out of hotels before or after a cruise, for example.

Their services typically include tracking where your bag is at all times until it reaches its destination, re-routing it if your itinerary changes, and guaranteeing an on-time delivery, and in good condition.  Call us for details to see if this may be a good choice for your next vacation.

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