Small Women’s Tour Group Means Flexibility in Travel07 Jun 2012

cruiseHave you ever had a fantastic vacation planned but once you got there weather wasn’t cooperating and you felt your only option was to stay inside and sulk? Well, that almost happened last week on my women’s travel tour in Provence, France. Autumn is a wonderful time to be in Provence as you can admire the vibrant colors of leaves as they turn to wonderful golds, oranges and reds. Days are often sunny with temperatures usually in the 60’s, and there are fewer tourists.

The first day started out just that – mid-60’s and sunny. However, a strong wind known locally as the “mistral” started to blow through the Rhone Valley the next day. What’s a tour leader to do with weather like that? Our expert local guide, Eric, had the perfect solution! We boarded a beautiful boat in Avignon and cruised the Rhone River for three relaxing hours to Arles to enjoy the scenery, live music and deliciourhone river cruises 4-course lunch while protected from the elements. Our guide met us in Arles where we did a guided walking tour of this intriguing city with its ancient Roman influence still visible today. Our afternoon was rounded out by a countryside visit where essential oils are extracted (such as lavender) and sold worldwide. All in all, it was a perfect day in Provence in spite of the uncharacteristic weather.

Being a small group allowed our women’s tour to be flexible and adjust our itinerary when needed – a great way to travel!

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