Top 8 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations21 Aug 2014

Top 8 Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

So you’re getting married. While you are too busy with the wedding preparations, don’t forget there is still that honeymoon to plan. Don’t be too stressed with the preparations. Instead, think of the day after— your happily ever after! This is an exciting time for you and your partner. You and your future husband (or wife) must try to enjoy each day as the wedding day draws near.

But if you do not have enough time, you can leave the planning for your honeymoon with us. Gateway Destinations would be glad to plan custom luxury honeymoon tours for you and your love.

We can customize a plan for you. Want to go on honeymoon in Greece? We have the Ancient Athens & the Greek Isles tour. How about Italy? There’s our popular Versilia Coast & The Cinque Terre tour in Italy.

Our team can work closely with you each step of the way. Tell us what you want or where you want to go. We will show you what we can plan for you and your fiancé for a honeymoon vacation of a lifetime.

We’ve listed our Top 8 Popular Honeymoon Destinations:

1. Ancient Athens & The Greek Isles
Venture out of Athens in style aboard the Monarch Ocean Countess. For three relaxing days with your new spouse, cruise the sapphire blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Travel to a variety of beautiful Greek Isles and explore the fascinating ancient site of Ephesus in Turkey.

2. Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise
Enjoy a relaxing six-night cruise with your love and the rest of the group in southwestern France on the River Garonne. Pass through the  Gironde Estuary and the Dordogne River near Bordeaux in a cozy air-conditioned hotel barge.

3. Corfu & Crete, Greece
For a wonderful contrast, visit the island of Crete to round off your honeymoon trip to Greece. Largest of the over 4,000 islands in Greece, it has varied topography, remnants of ancient civilizations, and a rich gastronomic culture you and your significant other would definitely enjoy.

4. Italy’s Versilia Coast & The Cinque Terre
Spend relaxing days after stressful weeks of wedding preparations in the other side of Tuscany, the Versilia Coast, with its beautiful and expansive beaches. Venture further south to explore the five cliff-side villages of the Cinque Terre with the love of your life.

5. London Theatre & Shakespeare Country
Absorb the sights and sounds of the busy London with its numerous historical sites and incomparable museums and charming pubs with your new husband or wife. The two of you can enjoy London’s famous live theatre performances.

6. Sensational Sorrento & The Amalfi Coast
Bask in sunny southern Italy on the hillside of Sorrento as you enjoy  your honeymoon. Enjoy a country cooking class, taste regional wines and limoncello, and learn more about olive oil. Visit Naples and Pompeii with your local guide and discover secret shopping places on the isle of Capri.

7. Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica
Practice yoga, focus on tapping into your energy within, eat wholesome gourmet healthy food for vitality, relax on the sand as we meditate to the sound and vibration of the ocean. Swim with your love in the oceanfront infinity pool and discover a new you through relaxation and revitalization.

8. Venice, Verona & Lovely Lake Garda
Revel in the unique beauty of Venice with its impressive architecture and network of intricate and romantic canals. Visit the island of Murano, famous for its beautiful glass designs throughout the world. Enjoy the city on a honeymoon tour after the wedding.

Gateway Destinations promises an unforgettable honeymoon adventure. Choose from our numerous honeymoon tour destinations and we’ll make a custom travel plan for you.



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