Riding the Rails in Luxury01 Dec 2014

Luxury Train Travel, Riding the Rails in LuxuryLuxurious train travel provides vacationers a unique and nostalgic way to travel while offering the comforts of a fine hotel and enjoyment of gourmet food as they journey through stunning scenery. Vintage yet elegant décor and a slower pace of travel transport passengers back to a time when locomotives powered the main form of transportation. A resurgence of rail travel has resulted in luxury opportunities being available on all continents, ranging from one day to trans-continental journeys.

Several memorable short (one day or less) train trips include the Glacier Express that winds through eight hours of breathtaking Swiss alpine scenery, the British Pullman as it rolls into London completing a journey begun in France through the Eurotunnel, or the Hiram Bingham that traverses through the Sacred Valley between Cusco and the base of Machu Picchu. Some popular luxury journeys lasting several days include Rovo’s Rail in South Africa, the renowned Royal Scotsman, and Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer. For passengers with the gift of time, extended journeys can be found on the Golden Eagle as it explores Siberia or the luxurious and state-of-the art Maharajas Express in India. These are just a few of the luxury train experiences available today.

Interior of Vintage and Luxury TrainRail passengers travel through scenery that is overlooked when flying, and avoid the stress of dealing with airports. Unpacking once also adds to a more relaxing experience. Onboard amenities often include gourmet dining served in an elegant setting, 24-hour steward service, international electrical outlets, and for long distance trains – luxurious sleeper cabins with ensuite restrooms, onboard entertainment, professional tour guides and spa and fitness centers.

Due to limited space and perhaps infrequent or seasonal schedules, reservations are often required well in advance. And it is wise to confirm a train reservation even before purchasing flights, as alternate dates may need to be chosen. Featuring a rail journey or incorporating some luxury train travel into an overall itinerary can be a unique and memorable way to share time with your loved one, friends or family members. Gateway Destinations offers a variety of premium rail experiences worldwide – call us for ideas!

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