Registering Foreign Travel With U.S. Dept of State15 Mar 2012

There are several reasons to register your trip to a foreign country with the U.S. Department of State.  Not only is it recommended if you will be traveling to remote or high-risk destinations, I recently learned that a U.S. government official will contact your OR a family member back home if they learn of a conflict that may impact you as a traveler such as terrorist activity, a natural disaster (e.g. – volcanic eruption, tsunami, earthquake), or major catastrophe like the Costa Concordia ship experienced off the coast of Italy.  This way, family members can be contacted on your behalf with information pertaining to your whereabouts and condition as it may be difficult for the traveler to get a message sent.  If you would like to consider this for your next foreign journey, visit their website at for their easy online registration.

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