Best Honeymoon Packages this 201524 Feb 2015

Best Honeymoon Packages this 2015

Getting married this year? Congratulations! Perhaps you’re too overwhelmed now with the wedding plans and preparations, but don’t forget you still have the honeymoon to plan. It’s one of the most exciting times in a couple’s life so you’ve got to make sure you plan it well.

We know you want a perfect honeymoon but there are just too many details to work on with your wedding preps. We can help you with that as Gateway Destinations can create a personalized and unique honeymoon for you and your love. We aim to save you time and money with the customized honeymoon packages we can plan for you.

Gateway Destinations has been in the business of honeymoon tours for many years. We also customize women-only tours and more adventures for the whole family. If you’ve been thinking of going to Hawaii, Alaska, or some country in Europe, you can leave the planning to our team and we promise to create an unforgettable dream vacation.

You deserve a tailor-made honeymoon vacation to celebrate your love and union as a new couple. You can go on a land tour or on a cruise for your honeymoon—your very first vacation together as a newly married couple.

Even if it’s a customized and personalized travel, we can still work with you to match your budget, style, and preferences—and even make your dreams come true. That romantic getaway you’ve been dreaming of with the love of your life is about to come true.

No matter how complex or simple you want your vacation to be, you will look forward to the honeymoon package Gateway Destinations will be preparing for you. After a beautiful wedding, head on to an extraordinary vacation in any of these places for an ultimate honeymoon experience:

 (1) Venice, Verona & Lake Garda
Enjoy picturesque Verona to see famed Juliet’s balcony, its beautiful and lively piazza and ancient well-preserved arena. Round out your northeastern Italy adventure by exploring the lake-side villages of beautiful Lake Garda, largest of the Italian lakes.

(2) Sorrento & The Amalfi Coast 
Visit Naples and Pompeii with your local guide and discover secret shopping places on the isle of Capri with your personal shopper! End your week with a full day on the amazing Amalfi coast – dine alfresco in the quaint village of Ravello while overlooking the sea then shop the boutiques of picturesque Positano.

(3) Versilia Coast & The Cinque Terre
Travel from village to village by a walking trail or hop-on/hop-off regional train. Enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, wine-tasting, hiking and great casual dining in this truly unique hidden area of the Tuscany region of Italy with the love of your life.

(4) London Theatre & Shakespeare Country
Enjoy one of London’s infamous live theatre performances, contrasting it to a Shakespearean play in the countryside with your spouse.

(5) Athens & The Greek Isles
With our tour itinerary, you can enjoy abundant shopping, savor great food, and enjoy the very lively atmosphere of this vibrant city. Cruise the blue waters of the Aegean sea for three full relaxing days, then off to the beautiful Greek Isles. You’ll also get to visit the ancient site of Ephesus in Turkey.

(6) Costa Rica
Rediscover yourself while you increase awareness of your body, improve your mood and mind, and release stress. You’ll practice daily yoga, focused on tapping into your energy within, eat wholesome gourmet healthy food for vitality, relax on the sand as we meditate to the sound and vibration of the ocean, swim in the oceanfront infinity pool and discover a new you through relaxation and revitalization—all these with your new spouse.

(7) Bordeaux Wine Cruise
This cruise is set in a cozy and air-conditional hotel barge. It’s a small boat used in canals or rivers so this tour is one intimate party. If you love French wine, you may want to attend a Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise organized by Gateway Destinations.

(8) Corfu & Crete, Greece
Corfu and Crete can be the ideal honeymoon destination. Corfu is a beautiful lush island situated in the Ionian sea, west side of mainland Greece. The area boasts of inviting beaches and offers a variety of great dining venues and fine accommodations. Cruise travelers often ignore it but here at Gateway Destinations, we believe there is more to Greece.

For all your honeymoon travel needs, contact Gateway Destinations and we’ll be glad to customize a tour package for you.



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