Ladies only travel groups let you enjoy Italy on your own terms15 May 2014

Many women cherish their last years in college or their first few years after graduation. During these years, many women are in the most curious and carefree stages of their lives. The whole world is open to them. There are no limits to the possibilities. However, as most women get on with their careers and the responsibilities pile on, much of this sense of wide-open possibility, urge for exploration, and savoring the world’s experiences give way to deadlines to meet, projects to tackle, and an endless series of responsibilities-including relationships. Even later, many women go on to get married and start families. Eventually, the urge to explore gives way to domestic concerns.

If you would like to take a break from your hectic schedule at home or at work or both, you might want to travel to exotic and historic Italy with ladies only travel groups. You’ll quickly discover that traveling with only females and girlfriends can reconnect you with that youthful sense of possibility, exploration, and youthful curiosity you thought were well behind you. Your trip just might bring the much-needed rest, relaxation, and peace of mind you thought you lost to your domestic and career responsibilities. Here are just some of the benefits you get when you sign up for women only tours to Italy.

Temporarily saying good-bye to your roles at home

If most people you come across refer to you as ‘(name of child here)’s mom’ instead of your own name, you might want to take some time off. If you spend most of your time worrying about your kid’s schedules instead of your own, you might want to take a break. If you have forgotten large chunks of your own schedule, a little time off mommy duties might be just what you need. Not only will taking some time off help you recharge your batteries but traveling with ladies only tour groups go a long way in ensuring that you fully recharge without guilt. When you travel to Italy with ladies only tour groups, you travel with fellow women who are in the exact same boat as you-taking time off mommy duties. As a result, you feel more nurtured, there is a mutual support group, and you can also bond and share tips on creating a better balance between your personal life, your role as a mom, your role as a wife, and other responsibilities in your life. Not only could your trip be a great stress reliever, touring with ladies only tour groups to Italy might even clue you in on key coping mechanisms you might not have been aware of previously.

Seeing an Old World fixture with a new set of eyes

If you traveled during or after college, chances are you good that you’ve been to Italy before. The great thing about traveling to this much storied part of the world is that when you’re traveling using women only tours to Italy, you get to see Europe through the eyes of a more mature person. In some ways, this is a great chance to recapture some of the carefree attitude and sense of possibility you had when you were younger while reaping the benefits of maturity and experience. It can be a great personal catalyst to taking stock and taking inventory of your life as you plan your next move. Traveling with ladies only tour groups give you a personal female-only cocoon that helps make these self-realizations and personal revelations less threatening and jarring.


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