Ladies Only Travel Groups Give Italy A Different Angle23 Mar 2014


From the Renaissance glory of Florence to the modern chic of Milan to the imperial grandeur of Rome, Italy packs a lot of variety and even several weeks of travel time is not enough to fully capture the essence, the charm, and the mystique of Italy. If you are looking to explore this amazing country from a truly different angle, you should try booking your trip with an agency that specializes in ladies only travel groups. Traveling with only fellow females opens up Italy in a totally unexpected way. You’d be surprised at the takeaway you get and the overall ambiance you enjoy when you travel this European travel gem accompanied only by your girlfriends and other females. You might even ask yourself why you haven’t chosen to travel with ladies only travel groups earlier. There are just so many benefits you get when traveling only with fellow females. Considering the diverse attractions Italy has to offer from its historical locales, modern fashion centers, sophisticated modern city centers, rustic rural charms, and all points in between, you owe it to yourself to enjoy all these with less stress, fresh perspective, and freedom made possible by traveling with ladies only travel groups.

Why a ladies only perspective matters

Let’s face it, men and women just see the world differently. While it may or may not be a stretch to claim that ‘men are from mars and women are from venus,’ there are distinct differences in point of view, attitude, and mindset between men and women. If you are looking to enjoy the distinct artistic, historical, and culinary charms of Italy, you might want to consider ladies only travel groups because you get to travel within a nurturing supporting ‘cocoon’ of fellow females. There is less chance of sexual tensions, power struggles, and emotional tugs of war during your trip.

Exploring the history of Italy from a female perspective

Italy’s history is often marked by conquest, turmoil, upheaval, and renewal. In between these factors are a lot of beauty, emotion, and personal transformation. Visiting classic Roman ruins with a female only group imbues the whole process of looking at massive monuments from the ancient past with a distinct female perspective. Instead of merely focusing on who conquered who, discussions can and often do move to issues of social history, and explorations of what life was like in the past for rank and file Romans.

Enjoying Italy’s mystique with your girlfriends

There is a special mystique to Italy. There is really no word to fully describe it. This mystique is apparent in the form of the bright and colorful Tuscan rustic countryside during wheat harvests or the way the sun melts in the horizon as you sip an espresso at a Florence outdoor tratoria. Italy is an attitude. A sensibility. And one of the best ways to enjoy this is to let your hair down, hang out with girlfriends, and enjoy the mystique and charms of this country through the fresh and unburdened eyes of a recent female college graduate. So fun. So full of life So full of possibilities. You owe it to yourself to reconnect with this part of yourself and there’s no better way to do it than visiting Italy with ladies only travel groups.

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