Italy: A Wellspring of Artistic and Historical Inspiration11 Aug 2015

Whether you are a travel aficionado or someone who is just getting ready to step into the cultural diversity of our world, there is little doubt that you’ve heard of the beauty of Italy. Often listed among the most beautiful countries in the world, it is considered a top destination for any tourist.

If you’re the type to envision a classic, romantic setting with a dimly lit atmosphere as your ideal vacation, you’ll probably want to consider visiting Italy because it will surely satisfy your expectations. The country is overwhelmingly rich in art and history, as it contains the very city where Shakespeare set the famous tragedy of Romeo and Juliet— Verona.

Other than its capability to host romantic getaways, it can also excite history buffs, serve as a wellspring of inspiration for writers or painters, and entertain those who simply want to appreciate various architectural structures, sculptures, literature, and many more historic pieces of art; some of which include ornate, Baroque architecture, masterpieces by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and a Roman amphitheater.

From exploring the home to one of Europe’s oldest universities to the ancient ruins of the Romans, the many cities of Italy will provide you with such an exceptional sight-seeing experience, you’ll feel as if you’ve been teleported into the fifteenth century, during the Renaissance Age.

And if this wasn’t enough to pique your interest, it is also the home to one of the most iconic buildings you’ve seen in photos— the leaning tower of Pisa. It’s spectacular in pictures, but even more so in person.

As you explore the graceful, cobblestoned streets of Italy and, with every passing second, breathe in more of the rich aura of Italy, you may find this aura almost tangible as it seeps into every city and corner, permeating the entire country with its vivid artistic array.

It is no wonder it is considered by many people to be a dream location for their honeymoon, or anything romantic in that matter. When you’re both aiming for a passionate, candle-lit dinner, having one in this picturesque country won’t require much effort on your part, as Italy would act as a naturally tender atmosphere.

However, with all these mentions of different cities and cities to go sightseeing in, it may be difficult to plan your own schedule when you’ve decided to travel there. You’ll find yourself asking, “Which cities are the best options for me to visit? How will I know if I’ve missed anything special that I would have liked to see?”

Luckily, there are numerous agencies designed to provide you with a custom Italian vacation, where travel experts and managers will assist you in planning your perfect trip.

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