Is Premium Economy Seating Worth the Extra Cost?15 Nov 2016

Up until now, Premium Economy seating on US airlines (also known as Main Cabin Extra, Economy Plus, etc. depending on the airline) has offered very little more than a better location and sometimes extra legroom and has not even been available on international flights, but that is changing in 2017 with American Airlines. Their new 787-9 aircraft has a separate cabin for Premium Economy offering a 2-3-2 configuration with footrests, more legroom, free alcohol, better meals and noise-reducing headphones – very similar to what many international carriers have been offering for a while. They will begin this service with routes to Madrid and Sao Paolo but will be expanding it quickly. Delta Airlines is expected to follow suit. Pricing is not yet determined but is expected to be several hundred dollars more than Economy, and considerably less than Business Class.

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