[INFOGRAPHIC] Tourism Forecasts from 2008 to 201624 Jul 2014

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The US Travel continuously studies the travel sector and look at the different factors that affect spending, the travel volumes, and other economic indicators. The group releases bi-annual domestic forecasts to provide the public information on the performance of the industry, as well as, show prospects for the coming year.

Tourism forecasts are important because they give the travel sector and the travellers a glimpse of tourism by looking at the spending and arrivals of overseas and international visitors.

Since 2008, data just kept on increasing. The US Travel report includes information on the following:

  • Real GDP (in $ billions)
  • Unemployment rate (in %)
  • Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  • Travel Price Index (TPI)
  • Total Travel Expenditures in US ($ billions)
    US Residents
    International Visitors
  • Total International Visitors to the US (in millions)
  • Overseas Arrivals to the US (millions)
  • Total Domestic Person-Trips (millions)

Real GDP back in 2008 was $14.833.6 billion. Six years later, this 2014, it’s now up to $16,759.7 billion. Next year, it’s predicted to be $17,625.1 billion and $18,514.1 billion the following year (2016).

Unemployment rate went from 5.8 percent in 2008 to 7.5% this year. Consumer Price Index or CPI also went up but with yearly fluctuations.

US Travel Forecasts change each year but one thing is constant: the Americans’ love for travel. A lot of older people travel more for leisure than business. Most of them look to travel to exquisite places like the Ancient Athens and the Greek Isles or  Italy’s Versilia Coast & The Cinque Terre.

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