[Infographic] How Travelers Plan Their Trips10 Jul 2014

How Do Travelers Plan Their Trips

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Traveling for a trip can be both exciting and exhausting. It takes a lot of time and effort to research on hotels for accommodations, places to eat, and must-see tourist spots.

In the United States, sources of travelers when planning their trips have changed over the years according to a ‘Domestic Travel Market Report’ by the U.S. Travel’s Research Department.

The shift was because of the mobile devices and social media becoming more popular. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gears have changed the way people search for information. Social media also revolutionized how people share experiences.

Key findings of the 2012 study included information that nearly 31% of travelers relied on past experiences when planning their trips.

About a quarter or 23% of travelers relied on their relatives and friends for information. Ten percent of them checked on destination websites like Gateway Destinations.

Nine percent (9%) trusted travel provider websites. These were mainly hotel, airline, cruise, tours, and rental car websites.

Only 5 percent trusted social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. A small four percent (4%) of the travelers used their mobile devices.

The 2012 Domestic Travel Market Report showed that mobile device use and social networking as source improved. From two percent in 2009, use of social sites moved up to five percent (5%). Use of mobile device went from one to four percent (1 to 4%).

The report also revealed that traveling households earn more than non-traveling households. Media Household Income of three groups were also identified:

Domestic leisure travelers – $62,500
Business travelers – $87,500

Meanwhile, average income of the general U.S. population was $52,800.

[Source: US Travel]

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