How to Speed Up Going thru Airport Security15 Feb 2019

Here are some simple tips to help get through airport security quicker:
  • Avoid peak travel times if at all possible (4 – 8 pm Friday & Sunday evenings) and, of course, holidays
  • Wear simple clothing (slip-on shoes, simple or no jewelry) and be prepared to easily remove a jacket or sweater
  • Don’t forget to put liquids in small containers (3.4 oz or less) in a clear, quart-sized bag that can be quickly removed from your carry-on bag
  • Separate electronic items in your carry-on bag so they can be screened more clearly, and be prepared to remove your laptop or tablet from your bag
Most importantly, take the time to apply for TSA Pre-Check (domestic travel) or Global Entry (international travel) – ask us how.
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