Exploring Down Under01 Sep 2016

Typically, people think of Australia when they think of a Down Under destination, but it also includes New Zealand and other smaller countries in the South Pacific. Naturally, seasons are opposite of the US and other countries in the northern hemisphere so this needs to be considered when traveling there.

Sydney Opera House, AustraliaAustralia, approximately the size of mainland USA, has distinctive and varied climate zones and offers much diversity for travelers–from tropical beaches and subtropical regions in the north which is where the Great Barrier Reef is found, one of the world’s most famous diving sites. For those interested in cultural history, Australia is home to one of the oldest surviving cultural traditions with origins dating back 40,000 – 60,000 years. Vibrant cities reside primarily in the temperate regions to the south – such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and offer much to enjoy. And let’s not forget Australia’s delectable wines, with two major wine regions found in the temperate zone ready to explore! This beautiful and diverse country can be reached non-stop in 15 ½ hours from Los Angeles.

Great barrier reef, australiaNew Zealand, consisting of two major islands, lies to the southeast of Australia and can be reached non-stop from the US in approximately 13 hours. Rich in history, New Zealand is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, offering today’s traveler much to discover. Scenic beauty abounds and nature is at its best on the South Island, offering a variety of outdoor activities. A variety of delectable wines can be found including renowned Sauvignon Blanc wines from the Marlborough area in the central region. Both countries offer the American traveler much diversity, beauty, fascinating cultural history, fine wines, friendly people and no language barrier.

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