Custom Tours01 Jun 2012

Experience unforgettable travels through one of Gateway Destinations’ specially-designed women only tours. Traveling with friends for girlfriend getaways allows you to deepen your friendship as you relax and explore new destinations together in a memorable and fun way. Unmarried or perhaps your spouse doesn’t enjoy the same type of travel as you? Single woman travel is an enriching experience – not only for the areas you visit and learn about, but the other women you meet on your journey. Women only travel is for women of all ages and is an ideal way for mothers and daughters or sisters to share quality time with each other without the distraction of everyday life.

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  1. Rand Kaine says:


    How are you doing and how is work? Please i need flight ticket for my clients, can you make arrangement for a Domestic/ International Flight tickets?

    Payment will be made through the passenger’s Visa/Master Credit card, do you accept a credit card payment?

    Your Prompt response will be highly appreciated