Checking “Carry-On” Baggage15 Aug 2011

Perhaps you have tried to carry on a bag and been told by the flight attendant that your bag will have to be “checked” due to its size or lack of space? If this happens to you, make sure you insist on receiving a claim check showing your final destination and claim check number. My son just experienced this situation with Southwest Airlines and was not given a claim check number and he didn’t think to ask for one. Unfortunately, his luggage did not arrive with him at his final destination.

After completing a “Lost/Delayed” Report with Southwest, he was told that it is difficult to trace luggage without a proper claim tag. After numerous phone calls and elevating the problem to a supervisor, his luggage finally surfaced after four days and was delivered in time for a wedding he was attending. Don’t forget to ask for a claim check, make sure it indicates your final destination, and keep it with you until you retrieve your luggage.

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