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Girlfriend Getaway: Yoga Tour in Costa Rica 25 Sep 2014

Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica Tour

Yoga is fast becoming a popular fitness activity among women. It’s a combination of mental, physical, and spiritual disciplines and practices that aim to improve the body and mind.  Its known origins were the Indians and Buddhists who practiced yoga by combining the body and mind. The word ‘yoga’ means “yoking together”—joining together of the mind and body.

There are many variations of yoga: anusara, ashtanga, hatha, iyengar, jivamukti, kripalu, kundalini, sivananda, viniyoga, yin, bikram, power, prenatal, and restorative. It’s a long list but the most popular is bikram yoga which is a favorite of women because of its weight loss benefits.

Yoga practice is strength building and calorie burning that is why women do it. And what better way to do this fitness activity than with your girlfriends. Check out the yoga studios in your community and you’ll see why women, together with their girlfriends, are crazy about it.

People say yoga has decreased their stress, helped them lose weight, and reduced hip and back pain. There are many good reviews about it so a lot of women regard yoga as life changing.

If you want to try yoga, you can simply go to a yoga studio and sign up for classes. But for the more adventurous ones, why not go on a yoga trip with your girlfriends? Go on a yoga travel with your favorite girls to a different country.

The Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica is one of Gateway Destinations’ many custom women-only tours. We’ve partnered with Kim Bowen, founder of Prosper Wellness. Kim is a yoga instructor and a Stress Reduction Specialist, inspirational speaker, and founder of a local yoga based wellness company in Arizona.

Gateway Destinations and Kim Bowen have planned a special Costa Rican getaway designed to reduce the tensions of everyday life. During this trip, aim to rediscover yourself as you release stress, improve mood and the mind, and increase awareness of the body.

During a Costa Rican yoga bliss trip, the women on tour will practice daily yoga, east healthy gourmet food, focus on tapping inner energy, and relax on the sand while meditating to the sound of the ocean or swimming in the infitiy pool. Relax and revitalize by discovering a new you.

Here are a few things you can expect from this Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica Trip:

  • Get in touch with nature
  • Flow into the blissful state of true self connection through mantra
  • Learn the proper way of meditation
  • Discover different yoga lifestyle practices


After this yoga bliss trip in Costa Rica, you and your girlfriends will feel and look better, your minds lighter, and your lives more fulfilled. This women-only tour will be a life-altering event in the beautiful tropics.

It’s time that you awaken your spirit for pure bliss. Go on a trip with your girlfriends to Costa Rica and feel alive again.

More information about our Ultimate Yoga Bliss in Costa Rica Tour HERE.




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