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More About Tracking Your Luggage 15 Jul 2017

Until “permanent” bag tags are available and universally recognized at all airports, there are a number of electronic devices available to minimize worry and keep track of your luggage while traveling.  This article may help you find the best solution for you: 10 Best Smart Luggage Trackers, courtesy of Anya Jones.

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Take the Mystery Out of Tipping When Traveling Abroad 15 Jun 2017

Unsure of how much to tip for services such as porters, taxis, dining and guides while traveling in a foreign country? This article from Conde Nast Traveler is one of the most comprehensive summaries I have found and may help on your next journey: Your Guide to Tipping Around the World

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Which US Trusted Traveler Program is Right for You? 15 May 2017

Have you been considering applying for a Trusted Traveler program but not sure which one is right for your type of travel, if any?  This helpful Homeland Security website summarizes and compares each of the programs for you.  Go to:  Trusted Traveler Programs

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Electronic Luggage Tracking is Coming! 15 Dec 2016

Ever experience losing a bag while on vacation or traveling for business?  Soon to arrive is One Bag Tag, a “permanent” luggage tag recognized at all airports that will replace airline issued paper tags.  Etched in the barcode will be global tracking to avoid lost bags, a weighing scale and traveler information matched to your bag.  Sign up for launch updates at:  One Bag Tag

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Elevate Your Cruise Experience 01 Dec 2016

Do you enjoy cruising the oceans, rivers or intimate canal waterways? Get the most out of your cruise vacation by considering these three essential elements:

    1. cruise, river cruise, BudapestExtend your vacation by adding on a land journey before and/or after your cruise. You likely will travel a great distance to begin your cruise, so why not make the most out of your investment of time and money by seeing more of the destination where you begin or end your cruise? Several options can be considered from an escorted group tour, private chauffeur-driven tour, self-drive exploration or city stay.Many cruise lines offer an escorted group tour or city stay but there are also many other sources that may be more affordable and offer much more flexibility.
    2. Private, customized shore excursions can add a more enriching experience to your cruise and allow you to focus on what is more meaningful to you instead of having to settle for what is designed for a group.Shore excursions are an additional cost by most cruise lines and are typically rather expensive as this comprises a large part of their revenue. A completely private experience for you and your fellow travelers will be more expensive than a group excursion offered by the cruise line, of course, but offers total flexibility and an opportunity to immerse yourself more in the destination. In addition, there are several companies who specialize in providing shore excursions in various parts of the world and do so more affordably and in smaller groups than most cruise lines.
    3. cruise, River cruise, couple,Upgrade your cabin if your budget allows for this as this can greatly impact your enjoyment of the cruise. A better location on the ship to minimize noise and motion, a larger cabin, having a balcony versus a window, or selecting a concierge or club level with added amenities, or butler service are all upgrades that may be well worth the additional expense.

Not sure what cruise is right for you, and what enhancements are available? Gateway Destinations specializes in premium and luxury cruises for individuals, families and groups to all worldwide destinations. As a member of the Signature Travel Network, we offer very competitive pricing and amenities on many cruises. Have your own group of travelers? We can help choose the right ship and itinerary, take care of all the details and secure added benefits for your group.

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