Mail Service While Away On Vacation

July 15th, 2011 / admin / Comments Off on Mail Service While Away On Vacation

Have you ever worried about mail piling up while you are traveling or had to arrange for someone to pick up your mail for you? The US Post Office has an easy solution. You can easily put your mail on hold by going to their website at Click on “Receiving Mail” and select “Put mail on hold.” You can specify stop and re-start dates in one easy step, and hold mail for up to 30 days with this method.

Using a Travel Checklist May Save Headaches

June 15th, 2011 / admin / Comments Off on Using a Travel Checklist May Save Headaches

Taking some time to plan ahead before leaving for your trip will likely reduce stress and allow you to get your vacation off to a good start. Details can easily be overlooked if left to the last minute. Try using our checklist to ensure a smoother departure. Download a copy to keep on hand!

Southwest Airlines Mileage Program

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If you are already enrolled in Southwest Airline’s Rapid Reward program, you should be aware that they have dramatically changed their frequent flyer program for earning free flights. It is now on a point system versus credits, and they have partnered with other companies to earn points in your SWA program (hotels, car rental agencies, restuarants, etc.). There are no blackout dates for flights and your points do not expire. Obtain all the details at and click on Rapid Rewards.

Premium Economy Seating On Flights

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Tired of flying Economy Class on long-haul flights? Many airlines have introduced a new class of seating – Premium Economy, which is found primarily on international flights. No, it’s not Business Class or even close, but it does offer more legroom and sometimes other features such as a wider seat, greater pitch (for leaning back), personal video screen, electrical outlet, adjustable head or leg rests, or lumbar support. The additional cost varies considerably and may be as high as double the lowest Economy fare; however, it often drops closer to departure so it may end up being a good value on last minute bookings or upgrades.

Canada Entry Requirements

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Travelers planning to travel to or through Canada should be aware of heightened entry requirements by Canada customs. Almost all criminal convictions make a visitor inadmissable to Canada, regardless of how long ago they occurred, and include: DUI/DWI, Reckless Driving/Negligent Driving, Misdemeanor Drug Possession, Felony, Domestic Violence, Shoplifting/Theft, as well as more serious crimes. Entry can sometimes be approved by submitting a rehabilitation application.

Many Alaska cruises include a stop in Canada, which may mean that a traveler could be denied entry by the Canadian customs agent. For more information, we recommend that you go to:

Get Your Own Complimentary Travel Website

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Gateway Destinations introduces a fun way to record your travel memories through your own travel website. Include details, photos and videos of your trips – they will even be illustrated on a world map! Create a personal myTravelSite – it’s easy, fun and FREE! Easily share contents of your website with friends and family, even to your Facebook community. You can search for your dream trips and receive vacation ideas based on your personalized Wish List.

I invite you to visit my personal travel webiste and see for yourself!

Global Entry

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Do you often travel internationally?  If so, you may want to consider enrolling in the Global Entry program through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.  Once approved, you can go through customs using an automated kiosk, which is located at select airports.  For more information, contact

Holiday Travel

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Enjoy smoother holiday travel by allowing ample time for check in and security at airports due to the increased amount of travelers and possible weather delays.  You will be able to go through airport security quicker if you plan ahead what to wear and how to organize your carry-on baggage.  Wear easy to remove coats and shoes or boots (slip-on is best), and fill your coat pockets with items like your cell phone, coins, keys or other metal objects – items that will have to go through the screener.  Holiday gifts need to be left unwrapped, regardless if they are in your carry-on or checked bag.  Try to travel during off-peak times, if possible.

Off-Season Travel Savings

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Wintertime (excluding the holiday season) in the US is considered “off season” for travel to many international destinations.  This can be an excellent time to take advantage of lower costs in travel-especially airfare to many areas of the world, but also for hotels, cruises, and tours.  Let us know if you have a destination in mind and we can check what “off season” pricing is available to make your trip a reality!

Enhancing Your Cruise Vacation

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Thinking of going on a cruise or already have one scheduled?  There are ways to enhance your vacation before, during and after your cruise.  For example, you may want to  consider customizing some of your shore excursions instead of choosing only from what the ship offers.  There are a number of supplier sources that specialize in shore excursions for cruise passengers.  These can be a very unique local experience and often more economical.  Why not extend your vacation a few days to visit surrounding areas of the departure or landing point since you are already investing the time and money to travel there?  Call us today – we will be happy to discuss ideas!