London Theatre & Shakespeare Country Tour

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London Theatre & Shakespeare Country

A London Theatre & Shakespeare Country Tour planned by Gateway Destinations promises to be a memorable experience for those who love literature and history. You’ll be able to learn more about London, the city’s beautiful sights and sounds, the charming pubs, historical sites, and incomparable museums.

Gateway Destinations can plan a group tour that will include infamous live theatre performances of the classics—not just in any ordinary theatre house but right in the Shakespearean countryside.

Such group tour has been designed to expose you to the vigor, richness, and beauty of British and England theatre where most of the popular plays were written during the Renaissance period.

We plan the tour with a sense of adventure and we’ll try to connect you to the past. Our goal is to make your London Theatre & Shakespeare Country Tour a happy one so you will go back to your home satisfied and exhilarated—full of knowledge and richness of the past.

London is a bustling city in Europe. Most travelers go there to have a good time. With Gateway Destinations customized packaged tour, you can discover the beauty of London Theatre and the Shakespeare Country. Explore this side of Europe that is rich in literature, history, and the arts. By visiting London, you can learn more about the past and watch some of the best shows in the world.

Gateway Destinations’ London Theatre & Shakespeare Country Tour is available as a specialty tour for women, family, or a private group. Gather your family and friends and allow us to plan an extraordinary adventure.

Gateway Destinations will listen to your needs. We’ll welcome your ideas in creating a more memorable and enriching vacation of a lifetime.


Experience Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

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Experience Sorrento and the Amalfi CoastIf you have plans to visit Italy for a vacation, make sure you drop by the southern part where the hillside of Sorrento is located. You can go here for your honeymoon, family vacation, or a women-only tour with your girlfriends.

You can do many things while in Sorrento: taste the regional wines and limoncella, enjoy a country cooking class, and learn about the wonders of olive oil. After a couple of days, you can visit Naples and Pompeii. Your local guide will take you there to explore the place. For the shopaholics, be ready to discover the secret shopping places on the isle of Capri.

For the entire week of your tour, you will stay at the lovely Hotel Bristol where you can enjoy the stunning views of Mt. Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples. After an exhausting but fun week, drive to the amazing Amalfi coast and enjoy alfresco dining in the Ravello. It’s a quaint village overlooking the sea so it will be another great experience to end your tour. If you’re still up for more shopping, there are several boutiques in Positano.

Visiting Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast with your girlfriends is something to look forward. This trip can be the most exciting and memorable vacation you and your friends will ever have.

Contact Gateway Destinations if you want to travel to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.


Riding the Rails in Luxury

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Luxury Train Travel, Riding the Rails in LuxuryLuxurious train travel provides vacationers a unique and nostalgic way to travel while offering the comforts of a fine hotel and enjoyment of gourmet food as they journey through stunning scenery. Vintage yet elegant décor and a slower pace of travel transport passengers back to a time when locomotives powered the main form of transportation. A resurgence of rail travel has resulted in luxury opportunities being available on all continents, ranging from one day to trans-continental journeys.

Several memorable short (one day or less) train trips include the Glacier Express that winds through eight hours of breathtaking Swiss alpine scenery, the British Pullman as it rolls into London completing a journey begun in France through the Eurotunnel, or the Hiram Bingham that traverses through the Sacred Valley between Cusco and the base of Machu Picchu. Some popular luxury journeys lasting several days include Rovo’s Rail in South Africa, the renowned Royal Scotsman, and Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer. For passengers with the gift of time, extended journeys can be found on the Golden Eagle as it explores Siberia or the luxurious and state-of-the art Maharajas Express in India. These are just a few of the luxury train experiences available today.

Interior of Vintage and Luxury TrainRail passengers travel through scenery that is overlooked when flying, and avoid the stress of dealing with airports. Unpacking once also adds to a more relaxing experience. Onboard amenities often include gourmet dining served in an elegant setting, 24-hour steward service, international electrical outlets, and for long distance trains – luxurious sleeper cabins with ensuite restrooms, onboard entertainment, professional tour guides and spa and fitness centers.

Due to limited space and perhaps infrequent or seasonal schedules, reservations are often required well in advance. And it is wise to confirm a train reservation even before purchasing flights, as alternate dates may need to be chosen. Featuring a rail journey or incorporating some luxury train travel into an overall itinerary can be a unique and memorable way to share time with your loved one, friends or family members. Gateway Destinations offers a variety of premium rail experiences worldwide – call us for ideas!

Visiting Venice, Verona & Lake Garda

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There is so much to see about Italy. If you’re planning another getaway with friends and loved ones, you can choose to visit the beautiful Venice, Verona, and the lovely Lake Garda. Yes, all these places are described as such because they really are sights to behold.

A Lake Garda, Venice & Verona Tour with Gateway Destinations will make you revel in the unique beauty of Italy. You’ll see the impressive architecture and network of romantic and intricate canals. For the art enthusiasts, discover the island of Murano where the famous beautiful glass designs can be found.

For those who enjoy great views, see the picturesque Verona to see the famed Juliet’s balcony. There’s also the ancient well-preserved area and the very lively piazza. It is where Shakespeare set the Romeo and Juliet love story. It’s full of drama and romance that have been the hallmark for many centuries.

Go on a northeastern Italy adventure and explore the lakeside villages of beautiful Lake Garda—the largest of all the Italian lakes. The lake became famous back in the 19th century when the road around it was completed. A lot of people visit the area during summer to enjoy the gentle climate and clean mountain air.

Venice, Verona, and Lake Garda have natural beauty that ought to be explored. Go on a tour of the lake, pass through the lovely villages, and enjoy the shoreline and the mountains in the background.

Contact Gateway Destinations if your want to embark on a Venice, Verona & Lovely Lake Garda Custom Tour.



Travel Tips for Corfu and Crete, Greece

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Travel Tips for Corfu and Crete, Greece

Planning a Grecian holiday? Year 2014 will be over soon and I’m pretty sure you’ve started thinking about how you are going to spend the holidays. Staying in can be a good idea for the homebodies but it’s highly recommended that you take advantage of your vacation and go on a special trip.

Traveling to a different place can enrich your minds. You can be refueled and be reminded of the wonders of nature. If you want to explore and understand more of the ancient times, why not go to Greece and visit Corfu and Crete? Any Greek Island boasts of glorious traditions that are still evident in the modern culture of the country.

More than 15 million tourists go to Greece each year. These people experience the sun-soaked islands, scenic countryside, and the very vibrant cities. A holiday in Greece will make you experience and enjoy the blue sea, mainland coastline, sun-bleached ruins, sandy beaches, and the idyllic islands.

Gateway Destinations offers a very special travel package tour of Corfu and Crete in Greece. What makes the country more attractive to tourists? Beautiful landscapes, scrumptious food, and distinct architecture. It’s also affordable in Greece so you don’t have to worry about spending a lot while on a Greek holiday.

Corfu and Crete can be the ideal summer destination. Corfu is a beautiful lush island situated in the Ionian sea, west side of mainland Greece. The area boasts of inviting beaches and offers a variety of great dining venues and fine accommodations. Most travelers don’t know that Corfu has a lot to offer. Cruise travelers often ignore it but here at Gateway Destinations, we believe there is more to Greece.

After a trip to Corfu, drop by the Crete island—the largest among the 4,000 islands in Greece. The island offers a rich gastronomic culture, remnants of ancient civilizations, and varied topography.

All these and more can be discovered in Greek. Here are some more travel tips to Greece you can follow to ensure the best vacation ever:

A trip to Greece is said to be affordable. You won’t break the bank planning a trip to the islands because everything is just affordable there. Plan your trip well by looking for a very low-cost but nice accommodation. There are a number of budget hotels and hostels you can find in Greece. Just check the internet for really great deals.

Greece is definitely known for its delectable food. There are many restaurants in the country that will perfectly prove what Greek cuisine is all about. Meals are affordable and they can easily fill you up because of the large portions that will be served. It is advisable that you eat super cheap while in Greece.

You can do a lot in Corfu and Crete. Make sure you visit the ancient sites and enjoy different island activities like banana boating, parasailing, and kayaking. You can also enjoy diving trips and riding the ATV around the island.

As with any travel, it is advisable that you book early. If you plan on doing the inter-island route, you should book overnight ferries and book them early. Overnight rates are cheaper while doing an early booking would sometimes give you a discount.

Explore the past, visit the Acropolis, check out the beaches, attend the Hellenic festival every summer, and see the many popular tourist destinations like Meteora, Olympia, Melissani Cave, Mount Olympus, and more.

For all your specialty tours and travel needs, contact Gateway Destinations.

Has Your Credit Card Kept Up With Technology?

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If you have traveled abroad in the last year or so, you likely experienced your credit card being declined by a merchant even though funds were available and you let your bank know where and when you were traveling. Many countries including the European Union, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and others have implemented a “chip and pin” (or EMV) technology for processing cards in order to reduce fraud. This has made our US-issued cards antiquated and often unable to be read by merchants with newer card technology, resulting in your purchase being denied. To help ensure smoother travels, request a replacement card from your bank that has an embedded microchip and 4-digit pin number before doing any foreign travel, or find a bank that will.

Enjoy the Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise

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Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise

Do you want to enjoy a self-serve wine bar? You can do so at a Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise. It is one of the most popular cruises in the world today set in the French region. Gateway Destinations is proud to offer a Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise tour for anyone who wants to relax and discover the best French wine.

The Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise tour is similar to the Alsatian Wine Route because you get to know more about wine. But it’s also different because this wine cruise tour is very exclusive. Only 22 guests are fortunate to get on the cruise at a time. Singles or couples can go on this custom tour and enjoy six nights cruising Southwestern France along the River Garonne, Gironde Estuary, and Dordogne River near Bordeaux.

This cruise is set in a cozy and air-conditional hotel barge. It’s a small boat used in canals or rivers so this tour is one intimate party. If you love French wine, you may want to attend a Bounties of Bordeaux Wine Cruise organized by Gateway Destinations. We’ve partnered with France Cruises for this wine tasting experience. It’s a unique tour aboard a barge where you can meet new friends, spend time with your loved ones, or simply taste the most delectable wine in France.

The Bordeaux region has numerous celebrated wines and you can taste them on board at France Cruises. A personal wine connoisseur will introduce you to Bordeaux region’s best wines.

You will also get to explore Bordeaux and journey through the idyllic Perigord countryside. Enjoy a whole day of wine tasting, sightseeing, and enjoying a visit to a prehistoric cave. Visit a foie gras farm and taste this very famous local delicacy.

For more information about the Bounties Of Bordeaux Wine Cruise, contact Gateway Destinations. 

Bask in the Beauty of Pays Basque & French Pyrénées

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There are still so much to see in France aside from Paris, Alsace, and Provence. One of the most overlooked town in this beautiful country is the Pays Basque. Also known as the French Basque country, this town can be explored by you and your friends. Aside from Pays Basque, you can explore the Pyrénées Mountains as well.

If you like nature, you will particularly find the Pays Basque and Pyrenees Mountain tour very lovely. Your senses will be awakened in these tourist destinations as you taste the clean and salty air of the sapphire blue Atlantic ocean. For the nature lovers, you will particularly love gazing at the lush mountain valleys and smell the freshness of the green forests. The beautiful and vibrant building facades you’ll see along the road will leave you breathless.

For the artistic and creative ones, you’ll love the festive clothing unique to the Basque people. The region has unique traditions that are strong and deep you’d be interested to discover more about this place.

Pays Basque is where travelers can experience the super luxurious coast of Southwestern France. In this side of France, you’ll find the picturesque and charming mountain villages plus the historic beauty of the Languedoc region’s capital, Toulouse.

Gateway Destinations will be glad to plan a women-only tour for you and your girlfriends. Get ready to enjoy the following:

  • leisurely scenic walks
  • a visit to the sacred pilgrimage site of Lourdes
  • wine and cheese tastings
  • a divine chocolate demonstration and tasting
  • cooking regional cuisine

More information about the Pays Basque & French Pyrénées Tour here.

Discovering the Alsatian Wine Route

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Discovering the Alsatian Wine Route

Alsace has always been known as a popular place where tasty beer and delicious wine abound. The Alsace region is rich in natural beauty. Because of the abundance and the richness of its soil, the most delectable varieties of grapes are grown there.

This little town in France was greatly influenced by its neighboring country, Germany. The Germanic impact actually extends to architecture aside from the food and the wine. When you go on a special tour, specifically an Alsatian Wine Route, you’ll be treated to some of the best wine and food in France. These will be served as you stay inside a beautiful timbered house that will be reserved just for you.

Gateway Destinations can plan your Alsatian journey, which will start in the picturesque and lively town of Strasbourg. This place is known as a World Heritage Site and can be found at the France-Germany border. As you begin the Alsatian Wine Tour, you’ll venture into the countryside and follow the wine route up to the beautiful and historic villages like the must-see Colmar.

In Colmar, you can view the different monuments and districts, as well as, museums that are popular in the country. Discover the tranquil waterways, mountain vistas, and the peaceful valleys in Alsace. You’ll be delighted to know that this simple and quaint town in France is so rich and abundant.

The Alsatian Wine Route is also known for its simple itinerary. Get to learn the greatest wine producers in the region. If you’re lucky, you can witness the wine festivals or the vineyard marathons.

Alsace is known as the second driest spot in France. It is also the white wine capital of France so you may want to take advantage tasting the numerous flavors of wine you can find.

More information about our Alsatian Wine Tour here



Belle Provence Tour: Discover France’s Southern Jewel

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belle provence france women only tour

You may have gone to Paris already but let me tell you one thing: it’s not the only beautiful town in France. The south of France is where you can find Belle Provence. The name perfectly describes the many things you can discover in this place: sunny skies, perfumed air, and multi-colored fields. These are only some of the many exciting discoveries in France.

The beautiful Provence is home to many charming medieval villages. You’re transported to centuries of the past as you explore this quaint town in Europe. The best way to explore this town rich in history and filled with varied cuisine and delectable wines is on a women-only tour with your favorite girlfriends.

Gateway Destinations can plan a custom women-only tour for you. This inviting countryside is one awesome travel destination that will make you appreciate southern France more. It’s a rich area displaying the abundant beauty of nature and its people.

The women-only journey will start in the Luberon area of Provence. It is where you will be greeted by a gourmet lunch prepared by a very famous chef in town. After a hearty meal, you can enjoy shopping in Belle Provence’s colorful outdoor market where local farmers bring their goods. You can shop fresh produce while exploring the surrounding countryside.

For a more special treat, taste the Rhone wines and chocolates that are so delicious. Enjoy the unique Provençal cuisine and then retreat to a 17-th century hotel in a medial village after a long day of tour.

A bilingual French guide will be your friend while on this trip to Provence, French. Explore Avignon and discover the old home of seven popes.

Gateway Destinations can plan a women-only tour for you and your girlfriends. If you’re searching for Provence tour packages, contact Gateway Destinations’ travel agents and we’d be glad to assist you.

Here’s a rundown of the tour inclusions:
• Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Superior room accommodations
• Transfers to and from Avignon train station, all local transportation
• Entrance fees to wine tasting and sightseeing activities
• Regional wine with dinners
• Cooking class with a well-known local chef
• Local bi-lingual guide and a full-time tour manager

More details on Belle Provence France tour HERE.