10 Reasons to Travel in a Women’s Group08 Jul 2012


1. The experience is nothing less than extraordinary.
2. Tours, day trips, excursions, and activities are designed with you in mind and offer a unique perspective of the place you are visiting.
3. Live like a local through the eyes of your local guide.


4. You are likely to meet other women who will become your  lifelong friends.
5. You can feel comfortable asking questions, and lots of them. Being in a close group makes it easy share experiences.


6. Know that you can travel safely in a group even if you don’t know someone else ready to buy a plane ticket to join you.
7. Nervous about traveling? Sit back and let the experts take care of it.  Group leaders have experience in travel and often in the place you are in. They can point out unique spots, great eats, and expose you to a side of the place you are visiting that you would otherwise miss.

Save Money

8. Group prices are often cheaper than individual. You can often save lots over individual pricing for normal traveling expenses such as guide services, entry fees, lodging and local transportation.


9.   Learn to cook local cuisine, experience the highlights of each region visited and meet the locals.
10. The more the merrier! We know this well. Traveling alone or in a pair is rarely as much fun as with a group.  Be prepared for great memories, laughter, and unforgettable fun.

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