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8 Travel Tips to Paris 18 Sep 2014

top 8 travel tips to paris france

Paris has always been the top travel destination for couples but the City of Lovers is also a favorite of women going on tours with their girlfriends. We even included it in our list of Top 9 Destinations for Girlfriend Getaways.

Paris in August can be fun but going to the city anytime of the year is quite lovely especially when you’re travelling with the people you love.

Almost anyone who has been to Paris would say the city is simply beautiful. Whether you’re on a honeymoon, a specialty tour, or a women-only tour, you will have the best time in Paris. Follow these simple travel tips and you’re guaranteed of a memorable trip:

  • Prepare your itinerary.
    Research early on what to do and where to stay while in Paris. Map out your itinerary and prepare a schedule.
  • Have a map handy.
    You can get a real map or download a Maps app on your smartphone or tablet to use. A guide map will help you to not get lost in the city.
  • Visit the Eiffel Tower.
    Of course, a trip to Paris won’t be complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower. If you want to go up the tower, expect long lines wrapping the structure. The best time to go there is early in the morning and very late at night to avoid the rush.
  • Make sure you visit the most popular sites in Paris.
    The Notre Dame, The Louvre, and the Luxembourg Garden are only some of the must-see tourist spots in the city. Make the most of your Parisian trip by having your photo taken in these places.
  • Buy a metrocard.
    You will be riding the subway a lot so it is advisable you buy a day pass. It’s cheaper, more economical, and more convenient to use.
  • Buy a museum pass.
    You will also be visiting a lot of museums. Get a museum pass and you’ll save money.
  • Memorize key phrases.
    Learn the basic French phrases so you’ll survive in the city. “Merci!” means ‘Thank you’. “Ou est le metro?” means “Where is the subway?”. To ask “Do you speak English?”, say “Parlez-vous Anglais?”.
  • Get on a boat cruise in the evening.
    End the day with a lovely boat cruise along the Seine River. Discover the City of Lights. You’ll see the beauty of Paris all lit up.

Gateway Destinations can plan a luxurious Parisian trip for you. The team knows best how a women-only journey should go. Taste the regional wines at a local vineyard, learn the secrets of cooking rustic French dishes, or just shop in Paris to your heart’s content.



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Want To Extend Your Trip? 15 Aug 2014

Did you know that you can often plan a stopover for free or very little additional money when traveling abroad by air?  Overnight or several day stops in major hubs like Singapore, Tokyo, Paris, Dubai, Istanbul, Honolulu and even lesser frequented areas like Helsinki and Reykjavik, can be added to your itinerary very cost effectively in many cases.  This may be a nice way to ease a long journey.  Call us for help in enhancing your next adventure!

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Is Your Passport Ready For Travel? 15 Jul 2014

passport requirements, international travelIf you are planning to travel abroad in the next few months or year, take a quick look at your passport to make sure it is adequate for your travel. Does the expiration date and number of blank pages fulfill the visiting country’s requirements?  Normal processing time for renewals and new applications is currently taking about 4 to 6 weeks, but expedited services are available through US Passport Processing Centers or designated private courier services.  An easy-to-understand guide can be found at

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Why Is Travel Insurance Important? 15 Apr 2014

Be careful not to assume that your US health plan covers you for needed medical care for injury or illness while traveling out of the country because most do not, including Medicare.  In addition to providing emergency medical coverage for you as a traveler, high quality plans also provide benefits in the case of injury, illness or death of a fellow traveler or immediate family member at home.
Another major benefit is trip cost reimbursement before or during travel as well as numerous other benefits such as compensation for a missed flight connection, lost baggage, etc.  Benefits vary and premiums are largely based on age and cost of your trip.  Enjoy peace of mind and call us for more details or go to Gateway Travel Insurance Information to make sure your trip investment is adequately covered.
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Update On Foreign Currency Conversion Fees 15 Mar 2014

Ever surprised after returning home from your international trip by what your credit card company charges for converting foreign currency to US dollars?  This can add up to a hefty sum of money and can be avoided.  Some card issuers such as American Express are now waiving this fee for their Platinum cardholders, as well as others like Capital One.  A few other banks also waive this fee for their preferred cardholders.  It may pay to check your bank’s policy before leaving home.

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