Ladies Only Travel Groups Give Italy A Different Angle

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From the Renaissance glory of Florence to the modern chic of Milan to the imperial grandeur of Rome, Italy packs a lot of variety and even several weeks of travel time is not enough to fully capture the essence, the charm, and the mystique of Italy. If you are looking to explore this amazing country from a truly different angle, you should try booking your trip with an agency that specializes in ladies only travel groups. Traveling with only fellow females opens up Italy in a totally unexpected way. You’d be surprised at the takeaway you get and the overall ambiance you enjoy when you travel this European travel gem accompanied only by your girlfriends and other females. You might even ask yourself why you haven’t chosen to travel with ladies only travel groups earlier. There are just so many benefits you get when traveling only with fellow females. Considering the diverse attractions Italy has to offer from its historical locales, modern fashion centers, sophisticated modern city centers, rustic rural charms, and all points in between, you owe it to yourself to enjoy all these with less stress, fresh perspective, and freedom made possible by traveling with ladies only travel groups.

Why a ladies only perspective matters

Let’s face it, men and women just see the world differently. While it may or may not be a stretch to claim that ‘men are from mars and women are from venus,’ there are distinct differences in point of view, attitude, and mindset between men and women. If you are looking to enjoy the distinct artistic, historical, and culinary charms of Italy, you might want to consider ladies only travel groups because you get to travel within a nurturing supporting ‘cocoon’ of fellow females. There is less chance of sexual tensions, power struggles, and emotional tugs of war during your trip.

Exploring the history of Italy from a female perspective

Italy’s history is often marked by conquest, turmoil, upheaval, and renewal. In between these factors are a lot of beauty, emotion, and personal transformation. Visiting classic Roman ruins with a female only group imbues the whole process of looking at massive monuments from the ancient past with a distinct female perspective. Instead of merely focusing on who conquered who, discussions can and often do move to issues of social history, and explorations of what life was like in the past for rank and file Romans.

Enjoying Italy’s mystique with your girlfriends

There is a special mystique to Italy. There is really no word to fully describe it. This mystique is apparent in the form of the bright and colorful Tuscan rustic countryside during wheat harvests or the way the sun melts in the horizon as you sip an espresso at a Florence outdoor tratoria. Italy is an attitude. A sensibility. And one of the best ways to enjoy this is to let your hair down, hang out with girlfriends, and enjoy the mystique and charms of this country through the fresh and unburdened eyes of a recent female college graduate. So fun. So full of life So full of possibilities. You owe it to yourself to reconnect with this part of yourself and there’s no better way to do it than visiting Italy with ladies only travel groups.

Update on Foreign Currency Conversion Fees

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Ever surprised after returning home from your international trip by what your credit card company charges for converting foreign currency to US dollars?  This can add up to a hefty sum of money and can be avoided.  Some card issuers such as American Express are now waiving this fee for their Platinum cardholders, as well as others like Capital One.  A few other banks also waive this fee for their preferred cardholders.  It may pay to check your bank’s policy before leaving home.

Cappadocia…a Mystical Gem in Central Turkey

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CappadociaA visit to Turkey isn’t complete without stepping back in time in the captivating Cappadocia region.  Formed by volcanic activity over millions of years, this area boasts unusual rock formations with numerous cave dwellings and never-ending vistas.

CappadociaA must-see is the open-air museum of Goreme with its rock churches housing beautiful frescoes.  Before Christianity was ousted, monks and nuns co-existed and worshipped in this valley.  Another valley aptly name “Imagination Valley” sparks your imagination with its numerous and varied rock shapes.  Several underground cities can also be explored. Their intricate tunnels and rooms clearly depict how inhabitants had to elude their enemies.

Jan in CappadociaAn exciting and popular way to view Cappadocia is by hot air balloon.  You can also explore by horseback.  Roads are in good shape and well marked, making self-drive exploration easy for more independent travelers.  Hotels are plentiful, with many offering cave rooms providing authentic and unusual stays.

The Cappadocia region is full of artisans specializing in rug-making, ceramics and jewelry.  If you want to do some serious shopping, you will be at the source for many of Turkey’s finest goods.

Traveling and Vacation – What Differs Women From Men

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Men would sometimes wonder as to what differs them from women. Well, the answer is everything except a vacation that doesn’t include sleeping on the bleachers or killing one’s dinner. Let’s face it – women think differently when it comes to traveling. This is the reason why women travel along with women to optimize their comforts.

Unless you are in your honeymoon, it is best to take your girlfriends out with your trip. Why? It is because you could actually enjoy being with girls than being with men and their principles in travelling.

What Women Want on Vacations

Men like to spend their leisure time watching TV or participating in any sporting events. If they are giving a VIP seat on major sports events such as Super Bowl, they’d probably take it than any other seats for entertainment events. This is also the scenario if they are offered a week in Paris. A huge number of men will definitely choose something they usually like than traveling.

Women who travel to explore the world are more likely to come along with comfort and safety. This means spending their time on a beach chair or at the edge of the pool. Sometimes, shopping comes handy. On the other hand, men are seen as rugged. They tend to neglect the benefits of a resort to hit the road with a backpack. This isn’t something women would want to experience if they decide to travel to a foreign country.

Men and women can enjoy the same experiences when traveling in big cities. However, most cities in Europe can be considered safe for groups of women traveling. They can try the public transportation as it is relatively safe. English is also a language being spoken and women in Europe have about the same rights as American women. If you have done enormous travel plans, make sure to let your travel agent know about it. Their experience can tell you which place is considered high risk for tourists. You would want to visit a place with extra safety.

Honeymoon Destinations – How to Make Your Dream Vacation Perfect

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Honeymoon is one of the most awaited occasions of your life and you will need the best travel tips to make it perfect. Honeymoon trips can be quite tricky and making a careful planning can save you from the pitfalls of the vaction.

Honeymoon is considered a building block of your marriage. This is the reason why you should exert some efforts and make all the necessary planning to carry out a successful trip. Your honeymoon will give you a chance to understand more of each other and share intimate moments. To make it all happen, here are some of the tips you would like to consider.

Out-Of-The-Country Honeymoon Trip

While planning, your destination choice is a crucial decision. Discuss it with your spouse and decide the perfect getaway you are both interested. You can ask the help of a travel agent for your honeymoon destiantion. An experienced travel agent can help you select the right place to spend your post nuptial moments.

A lot of couples decide to go for an international travel therefore you need to plan it ahead. You will also need great planning tips when it comes to picking a travel package. For instance, there are group tours specific for couples only although they may not allow adequate privacy.

Cruise Trips for Honeymooners

Always seek the best travel tips if you are planning to go for international destinations. Cruises are quite the most common choice for couples. Hence, find you and your partner a comfortable bedroom with a tub and spa where you can spend quality time together. Most of the cruise also have planned schedules and activities for couples. Hence, this could be fun and exciting, especially if you find yourself a travel agent for your honeymoon.

Planning your honeymoon is as important as planning your wedding. You would want to make it perfect by inviting a travel agent during your planning. With careful tips and best decision making skills, you will definitely have a dream come true honeymoon.


American/US Airways Merger – What Does This Mean?

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How will the recent American Airlines/US Airways impact your travel?  At the present time, they will continue to operate as two separate airlines with two separate mileage or loyalty programs.  US Airways will leave Star Alliance on March 30, 2014, however, and join American’s alliance at OneWorld. If you are a US Airways frequent flyer, this may impact which airlines you fly as the partner airlines will change.  For more details, you may want to visit their website at


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Have you ever been unsure how much to tip for services while traveling abroad? Or whether you are expected to tip at all? If you have a smartphone, you can download a free app called GlobeTipping by Ivan Karpan & Evenly Lebed that has an easy calculator to use as well as information by country. If you don’t have a smartphone, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you information for the areas in which you will be traveling.

Choosing a Hotel for Business Trips – The Ideal Place for Women

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Imagine a scene: you are going to travel alone to a city that you have never been into before. You might be a confident woman travelling alone but you wouldn’t want to take any chances when it comes to your personal safety.

Hotel accommodations determine one of your safety. This is why you must make sure that you choose a hotel that can offer you more than just security but convenience as well. So, how do you know whether your hotel is female-friendly?

Searching Online

The internet has changed the ways on how we search for everything – from clothing, food, property and even accommodations and services. There are a lot of websites offering information on what the hotels can offer you during your stay. Most of these hotels have provided images on their rooms and amenities to give you vision on what your stay would look like.

There are also websites offering review posts and booking services that allow you to compare one hotel from another. You can see how others perceive their stay in a certain hotel. For instance, you might want to look for rooms with full-length mirrors and plug sockets near them to dry your hair. There are also hotels where floors are specific for women only. Usually, these floors are suited for lone travellers and women who travels alone.

Asking Tourist Organizations

Women have specific needs than men. In order for you to take a grasp of the hotels suited for women, try to ask a local tourist board or organizations. Most of these groups are established to help them promote the area. This includes recommending a couple of accommodation. You can visit some of these websites and drop them a call to find out more about certain hotels in the area.

You may want to consider asking around for a travel agent who can plan your travel for you. Most of these agents can help you find a hotel especially for ladies. Ask them today!


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Purchasing airline tickets can be frustrating as the cost is often a moving target. The U.S. Department of Transportation now mandates that US airline carriers allow consumers to put a flight “on hold” without fear of a price increase for up to 24 hours OR cancel within 24 hours for a full refund. The purchase has to be at least seven days prior to departure and must be made directly with the airline. Currently, American Airlines is the only US airline that allows you to hold a flight for 24 hours without cost; others have opted for a free 24-hour cancellation period.

Amber’s Summer Travel Adventures: Part One

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Rattvik, Sweden has captured our Hearts

Blake and I in Rattvik, Sweden

Blake and I in Rattvik, Sweden

Every year for 3-5 months in the summer my boyfriend, Blake, leaves to coach baseball in Sweden and because I am a loving and supportive girlfriend, I bid him adieu.  However, I have also been fortunate enough to visit him on several occasions and this summer was by far my favorite.  Our overseas home is located on the 7th largest lake in Sweden, in a city called Rättvik.  It is a picturesque countryside town consisting of roughly 5,000 people (11,000 if you include the two closest parishes).  The summer weather is gorgeous.  70-80 degree weather, slight humidity and light summer showers; a breath of fresh air when compared to Tucson’s unrelenting heat.  The sky beams bright for nearly 21 hours before the sun dips below the horizon leaving the sky in a light purplish-blue twilight.  Everything is green and the forest is full of life, the people are wonderful, blueberries and raspberries grow wild, and there is a sense of peacefulness.  It truly is my Heaven on Earth.

This summer was an exceptionally strange one for Rättvik.  The entire five weeks I had the pleasure of visiting, it only rained three days.  THREE days! According to our Swede friends, it was one of the driest summers they’ve experienced in approximately 20 years and they LOVED it.  Long remarkably sunny days meant countless locals out and about; from morning walks, to afternoons spent at the beach, and evening dinners on the porch.  The Swedish community spends every waking moment outside with their families.  There is even a day dedicated to fun – rightfully named “Tuesday Funday”.  Tuesday Funday consists of downtown Rättvik becoming an outdoor fair.  Market tents line the main street, live bands play everything from traditional Swedish folk music to hard rock, the ice cream stands boast lines stretching twenty people deep, and barefoot kids splash in the fountain located in the main square.  It is quite an exciting afternoon and it takes place every Tuesday the entire summer.  Oh, and a little tidbit of information – unless you ride your bike, avoid doing your grocery shopping on Tuesday as parking is hard to come by!We spent a lot of our afternoons at the baseball field; Blake coaching and me watering, mowing, and helping in any way I could.  His athletes are all great kids but I couldn’t help but see that many needed additional guidance and support and it was their coaches that provided the inspiration, discipline and confirmation many needed.  I have seen boys grow from tears of frustration to individuals who have experienced that crucial moment that made them a better player, whether it is hitting a homerun, striking out a batter, or simply catching a fly ball.  It was truly a great experience and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a part of it and create my own relationships with each player.


Go-cart racing

However, not everything consisted of hard work day in and day out.  We always managed to find ourselves having fun outside of baseball.  We gathered at the lake for beach volleyball, played fungo golf, and had quite the experience driving 40mph go-carts.  One night, we had permission to use a lecture hall classroom at the high school.  We hooked up a computer and watched the All-Star baseball game on a projector screen.  This may seem silly but there is a seven hour time difference between Sweden and the east coast, meaning the All-Star game didn’t start until 2am for us.  We hung out with a classroom of teenage boys drinking soda and eating candy, popcorn and other various junk food items only to laugh, cheer and eventually fall asleep.  It was amazing.

Some of my fondest memories in Sweden come from moments like these and I now know why Blake cares so deeply for the kids he coaches, not just as baseball players, but as family.

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